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'A' Troop Royal Horse Artillery Re-enactment unit.

The Royal Horse Artillery, 'A' troop re-enactment unit are members of the Anglesey Hussars. Initially formed for the members of the unit that were unable to ride, A troop has become an artillery troop which is able to operate two British field pieces with full crew compliments and are looking to expand further with the enrolment of new members.

'A' troop carry out displays showing the uniforms, drill procedures and of course firing of our field pieces. The guns are in much demand for re-enactment / living history displays, battles and ceremonial events such as marking the hour of the day within events, switching on of Christmas lights, starting races and many other such events.

The unit prides itself on the continuous research and improvement to the uniforms, drills, cannons and equipment and most importantly the safe use of cannon in the re-enactment environment.


A brief history of the Royal Horse Artillery

Raised in 1793, the Royal Horse Artillery was created to provide fast moving fire support for the cavalry, with all gunners either mounted or riding upon limber or battery vehicles. By 1801 there were seven 'horse brigades' (troop), rising to twelve troops in the short space of 5 years (1806).

The RHA regarded themselves as the more elite artillery regiment and re-enforced their associations with the cavalry by their uniforms - rather than the infantry style uniforms worn by 'normal' artillery units, the RHA wore similar patterned uniforms to that of the hussars. The RHA also wore Tarleton helmets (as worn by the light dragoons) and carried the 1796 light cavalry sabre.

Initially armed with 6pdr field guns, the effectiveness and success of the RHA resulted in ongoing development and trials. By 1815, a large percentage of the 6pdr guns had been replaced by 9pdr guns. In addition to this progression, the RHA developed what was known as a mounted Rocket Troop firing  Congreve's explosive rockets.